Diego Vázquez

Ballet de Jalisco

Silvestre Revueltas "Sensemayá" and Carlos Chávez "Tambuco"

Diego Vázquez

Diseño de vestuario 
Diego Vázquez

Diego Vázquez

Ballet de Jalisco. August 2012

12 min.

“In Éxodo I wanted to explore the theme of transition, the process of going from one place to another. Many times we focus just on getting to a destination and not in living the process. My idea is to create a piece that explores the emotions and images that appear in the middle of any transition, during an exodus: frustration, anxiety, impatience. In some cases, calm and hope too”, said Diego Vázquez.

“[Ballet de Jalisco and I] would like to present, right in the middle of a every important international event, a dance piece that reveals the quality of the dance scene in Mexico . That’s the challenge”, said the guest choreographer of the company. (Reforma, Mural, Agosto 28, 2011).

Éxodo is a non narrative choreography specially created for the Jalisco Ballet to be presented as an special event during the Pan American Games 2011 in Guadalajara Jalisco.