Foreign Land

Diego Vázquez

Diego Vázquez

Diseño de vestuario 
Diego Vázquez

Gabriel Pascal

Laleget Danza, 2005

30 min.

At some point in their careers, each of the members of Laleget Danza has experienced what it means to emigrate to a land far away from his or her own and settle there for some time. Reaching beyond the political controversy that the issue of immigration rouses, Diego Vázquez has prepared a piece that focuses on the emotional and everyday environment. Taking the team experiences as a starting point and based on the abstract quality of dance, he created a piece that alludes to the wave of feelings that immigration evokes: sadness, solitude and uncertainty, but also a feeling of freedom and the satisfaction of having lived out one’s dreams.

Not wishing to establish any sociological or moral conclusion, in Foreign Land, Vazquez puts forward a point of view, an idea that emerges from his own experience and the experience of his dancers. Members of the audience are thus invited to reflect and draw their own conclusions about this complex issue that concerns us all.