Enraptured Time

Diego Vázquez

Laleget Danza & Festival Internacional Cervantino

Robert Schumman, "Frauenliebe und Leben"

Artista invitado 
Video: Nicolás Pereda

Diego Vázquez

Diseño de vestuario 
Diego Vázquez

Hugo González

Laleget Danza, FIC, 2008.

24 min.

Florestan: Catalina Pereda

Eusebios: Diego Vázquez


Based on the text by Adalbet von Carisso, this choreography presents particular moments in couple’s life. Diego Vázquez invites the audience to enjoy the dialogue between dance, music and video.

This dialogue also refers to the communication of a couple that has decided to share their lives together. The soprano, in the role of the wife, responds to the dance of the husband, and the husband responds to the voice of the wife. The video, by the multi-awarded Nicolás Pereda, is a point of encounter for both characters. Through the image it is exposed events from the past as well as emotions experienced in the present.

This piece is a production of the XXXVII International Cervantino Festival that premiered in October 2008 and it was very well received.