Diego Vázquez

Conaculta Niños Alas y Raíces, UNAM, Government of the State of Morelos, Ballet Morelos & Laleget Danza

Igor Stravinsky

Oliver Layseca

Diseño de vestuario 
Diego Vázquez and Oliver Layseca

Carlos Arce

Laleget Danza and Ballet Morelos, 2011


45 min.

Based on the original score by Igor Stravinsky, Diego Vázquez created a contemporary version of the ballet especially for children. This is the love story of Petrushka, a puppet made out of sawdust and straw, who comes to life to conquer the heart of the Ballerina. The scenery, by architect Oliver Layseca, is a stunning labyrinth in 3D that resembles a playground, with slides and tubes. It moves, spins and transforms itself on stage.  This version of Petrushka presents new characters that do not appear on the original ballet by Fokine such as the “Cubic Ladies Trio”, a couple of “Strangers” and duet of “Bike Taxi Drivers”.

The language of the work is dynamic in a contemporary dance, reminiscent of Mexican folk dances.

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Petrushka’s premier, Vazquez’ rendition of this timeless classic has given children the opportunity to access and appreciate Stravinsky’s work in a cheerful and imaginative way.