Since 2005, Diego Vázquez has created 34 works, which are part of the repertoire of his own company Laleget Danza and other companies in Mexico such as the National Dance Company, Taller Coreográfico UNAM, Cia. Tania Pérez-Salas, Jalisco Ballet, Morelos Ballet and Fóramen M. With Laleget Danza, he has carried out tours to UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Curaçao, and regularly presents his work in the most important venues of Mexico. His pieces range from contemporary versions of The Nutcracker, Petrushka and Les noces by Stravinsky, to original works based on scores by Pärt, Chavez, Revueltas, Brahms, Chopin and J.S. Bach, among others.

Vázquez was born in Mexico City in 1981. He was awarded a grant to complete his studies in dance by the government of The Netherlands and received his BFA from CODARTS (Rotterdam Dance Academy). In the meantime, Vázquez had the opportunity to work with dancers and choreographers from the Scapino Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre, The Forsythe Company and Ballet Perljocaj. As a dancer, Vázquez has performed pieces by Angelin Perljocaj, Jiri Kilyán, Itzik Galili, Neel Verdoorn, Keith Derrick-Randolph, Anabelle Lopez Ochoa, Glenn van der Hoff (Djazzex), Tania Pérez Salas and Raúl Parrao (UX Onodanza). In 2006, he participated as guest dancer in the farewell tour of Ballet Nacional de México.

He has been awarded the Young Artists Scholarship (Jóvenes Creadores) by the National Found for Culture and Arts of Mexico. He regularly receives support from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico, the Ministry or Culture of Mexico, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Cervantino International Festival for the production of his choreographies and international tours.

For his creations he works on an ongoing basis with renowned artists such as the Mexican sound artists Andrés Solis and Rogelio Sosa and the award-winning light and set designer Gabriel Pascal. His pieces have been presented in prestigious venues such as Palacio de Bellas Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad and Teatro de las Artes. 

In 2011, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico awarded him a grant to create a contemporary version of the classical ballet by Stravinsky: Petrushka. This production, specially created for children, has been presented in the most important venues in Mexico City with full houses.

In 2013, he created The World in my Eyes (2013), an interactive piece based on music by The Cure and Depeche Mode, with the aim to be presented in alternative spaces for students between 11 and 17 years old.

As a performer he has traveled internationally with the acclaimed False Cognate (2014), a solo based on the “Piano Concerto No.2” by Frédéric Chopin, Pendiente (2015), inspired on "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by Gabriel García Márquez, and Quizá esta vez... (2016) based on The Art of Fuge, by J.S. Bach.

In October 2017, he premiered Manasseh and the Schizophrenia, a choreography for 7 dancers, based on the “Double Concerto by Brahms and interventions by the renowned Mexican composer Andrés Solís.

He was appointed Artistic Director of Taller Coreográfico of UNAM in January 2018. Since then he has created Propitia Sydera (2018), King Arthur (2018) and Juan y Sa (2021), among other pieces. The later is a duet about two queer characters that migrate physically and emotionally in search of freedom.

In October 2019, Vázquez premiered Camille Claudel, his first production as director for a theater play. This monologue, written by Gaël Le Cornec, was nominated for best monologue in 2019 by the Theater Press and Critics Association of Mexico.

In June 2022, Vázquez will première T.I.A.D.A., a commission by The British Council and Outburst Queer Arts Festival alongside the Orquesta Juvenil Eduardo Mata of UNAM. T.I.A.D.A. is a choreography about different states of mind and heart that LGBTQI+ persons might go through while exploring their gender and sexual identity.

Vázquez is a fully rounded artist that has gained reputation not only as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a costume, light and set designer.