Diego Vázquez

Ballet de Jalisco

Silvestre Revueltas "Sensemayá" and Carlos Chávez "Tambuco"

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Diego Vázquez

Ballet de Jalisco. August 2012

Running Time 
12 min.

“In Éxodo I wanted to explore the theme of transition, the process of going from one place to another. Many times we focus just on getting to a destination and not in living the process. My idea is to create a piece that explores the emotions and images that appear in the middle of any transition, during an exodus: frustration, anxiety, impatience. In some cases, calm and hope too”, said Diego Vázquez.

“[Ballet de Jalisco and I] would like to present, right in the middle of a every important international event, a dance piece that reveals the quality of the dance scene in Mexico . That’s the challenge”, said the guest choreographer of the company. (Reforma, Mural, Agosto 28, 2011).

Éxodo is a non narrative choreography specially created for the Jalisco Ballet to be presented as an special event during the Pan American Games 2011 in Guadalajara Jalisco.