Diego Vázquez

Sound Artist 
Rogelio Sosa (original score)

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Talia Valdez and Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Gabriel Pascal

Laleget Danza, 2005

Running Time 
11min 30 sec.

How far can a human being escape from his past and deny his nature in order to become someone else?

Invitation takes the world of contemporary woman as a starting point. Society has pushed women to accept the idea that the female temperament is very different from the male. This has guided her to reveal a personality based on submission, delicacy and co-dependency, among other characteristics. Throughout this choreography, the protagonist reveals a nature that clearly contrasts with the male dancers’ performance. Nevertheless, a combination of threat and seduction incites her to transform completely into what she perceives in the male roles.

Invitation recreates the case of a woman that forgets who she is and allows the circumstances surrounding her to influence her to the point where she completes an unexpected metamorphosis. The invitation to perform a transformation seems to come from the two male dancers. But in reality the men are purely as a catalyst for change. The true motivation emerges from mere competitiveness.