Et le vent

Diego Vázquez

Guest Artist 
Astor Piazolla

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Carlos Arce

Ballet de Morelos, 2008


Running Time 
10 min.

Et le vent (And The Wind) is the first commissioned piece by Diego Vázquez for Ballet de Morelos. Along with the music of Astor Piazolla, this choreography is in tune with contemporary movements and the virtuosity of its classical trained dancers, and very little in the tango tradition. This is an abstract piece with a structure based on “theme and variation”. However, the wind is a character with a strong dramatic reference. Interpreted by a female dancer, the wind serves as a circumstance that determines the reaction in the rest of the dancers. Impetuous or placid, the wind affects the interaction between dancers and their mood too. “The wind, a state that in some cases could be adverse, can affect the emotions and a decision making, but no matter how overwhelming a circumstance is, it should not alter a human being’s identity” (Diego Vázquez).