Mariachi Tempo

Diego Vázquez

Ballet Morelos

"El Cascabel", "El son de la negra", "La culebra" and "Mundo raro" by José Alfredo Jiménez.

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Carlos Arce

Ballet de Morelos. México. 2010

Running Time 
13 min.

Colour, joy, and Mexican festivity are the main components of Mariachi Tempo. In this contemporary ballet choreography Diego Vázquez makes use of four famous Mariachi pieces to represent four moments of a typical Mexican celebration: from the great opening with fireworks at the crack of dawn, to the traditional serenade under the moonlight.

The scenes of Mariachi Tempo are: The Rattle, Son de la Negra, The Cockfight and the Serenade.