Les noces

Diego Vázquez

FONCA & Laleget Danza

Igor Stravinsky

Guest Artist 
Beatriz Madrid

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez and Beatriz Madrid

Light Design 
Gabriel Pascal

Laleget Danza, 2013

Running Time 
35 min.

Diego Vázquezʼ version of Les noces by Stravinsky is based on a collaboration by three renowned artists: dancer and choreographer Beatriz Madrid, set and light designer Gabriel Pascal and Mr. Vazquez as the artistic director and choreographer of the piece. The source of inspiration for this solo is the story of a mature woman who is going through a nostalgic stage of her life. Vazquez has considered images that emerge from fear of the future, mourn, nostalgia for youth and the necessity of detachment. Madrid and Vazquez have built their own story and developed together a structure that keeps some aspects of the original score and plot by Stravinsky —the celebration of an arranged marriage—.

The set is a capsule that resembles a petri container where the main character builds her own medium: an inert and protected space that allows her to remember and express hidden or repressed emotions and those that are difficult to confront in the middle of a crisis.