Manasseh and The Schizophrenia

Diego Vázquez

J. Brahms, F. Händel and Andrés Solis

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Diego Vázquez

August 18th, 2017


Running Time 
45 min.

Manasseh and The Schizophrenia is a narrative choreography about memory, the reminiscence of traumatic events, the conflict to live after a trauma and the search for a way to overcome it.
Manasseh means "the one that makes me forget". This story of a soldier named Manasseh who has experienced the atrocity of a war and longs to find a way to forget the images that torment him. As occurs regularly after a traumatic event of this type, the brain may produce neurotransmitters in a way that diseases such as schizophrenia are developped. This is the case of the main character of this work.
The choreographer is interested in portraying that sometimes it is not necessary to suffer this disease or to possess a schizoid personality to experience the torment of living with different voices, opinions and internal judgments regarding an event, especially in a moment of crisis or deep sadness.
This choreography is divided into 6 scenes. Three are marked by the three movements of the Concerto in a minor for violin and cello, op. 102, "Double" by Brahms, two interludes created by Andrés Solís, and the aria "Serse: Aria Ombra Mai Fù", by Handel.
Scene 1: War.
Scene 2: Childhood.
Scene 3: In the Garden of Shadows.
Scene 4: Manasseh and the Schizophrenia.
Scene 5: The hospital
Scene 6: Like any person.