Juan y Sa

Diego Vázquez

National Autonomus University of Mexico

Guest Artist 
Sebastián de Oteyza

Set Design 
Diego Vázquez

Costume Design 
Diego Vázquez

Light Design 
Diego Vázquez

December 5th, 2021

María O'Reilly and Héctor León

Running Time 
19 min.

Juan y Sa is a duet created and directed by Diego Vázquez, based on a text by the director, actor and dramaturgist Sebastián de Oteyza. Point of departure for this choreography is migration as an inherent human necessity. Migration not only as a physical action, but also as an internal transformation: change of mind and emotions, change of skin, the skin of the heart.


The dancers of this piece, María O’Reilly and Héctor León, created Juan and Sa as two queer characters. Juan is an Russian aristocrat from the tsarist era who is condemned to an arranged marriage, but his real love is in the French Riviera. Sa is a trans woman that lives in Lisbon in the 1920s who has suffered rejection and oppression. Even though they live in a different times, they share the same longing  for freedom. This is a piece with no music. The rhythmic text by de Oteyza serves as the score. Both dancers act and say their texts live, with a microphone. The voice of one is the conscience of the other. As a poetic license, the esthetics appeal to a pair of rock artists, as if they were post modern versions of Cyndi Lauper and Freddy Mercury.